FallenDystopian: Book 1 of the After Series

The After Series


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Reviews of FallenBook 1 of the After Series

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Tynga's ReviewsEpic Dystopian Novel

It’s a love story disguising as horror/post-apocalypse and I think the author did an awesome job in weaving together all the different elements.....
Stéphanie Leroux on Tynga's Reviews

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Jandy's Reading RoomEpic Dystopian Novel

I was pulled into this novel from the first few pages. Traci L. Slatton’s apocalyptic world seems eerily possible…Not a girly romance….
Jandy on Jandy’s Reading Room

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The Romance ReviewsEpic Dystopian Novel

From the beginning, I was enthralled with the story and Traci L. Slatton's voice. She has taken an end of the world scenario and created characters that are so real they make you feel. To arm such a story with the budding of a love of such heat and passion creates a crescendo of feeling that keeps you turning the pages…
Leslie on The Romance Reviews

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Gimme the ScoopWonderful Story, Emotional Roller coaster

Oh my God! This book was soooo so good! The first few sentences draw you in and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride and just when you think it's okay to uncover your eyes or quit screaming it takes off again!
Gimme the Scoop Reviews

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Night Owl ReviewsLeft Me Wanting More

It has adventure, horror, suspense, joy, love, passion and questions that build upon each other until the end. I was sucked into the world….
HC Harju on Night Owl Reviews

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Tome Tender Book BlogBrutally Dark, Gritty

Bold, thoughtful and driven by characters as much as by plot… I was riveted to each dark page…
Dii on TomeTender Blog

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Paranormal Romance GuildRiveting

I was completely engrossed in the story…This book was a really great read. I was glued to my kindle.... The ending left me stunned… I can't wait for the follow up book because my emotions are dangling on a cliff.
Chinyere on the Paranormal Romance Guild

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As I turn the PagesRating: Superb

By the end of the book, I wanted to know more about everyone. What will they do? How long can they survive? Will they find happiness? The book ends with a very emotional cliffhanger.
Bookangel on As I Turn the Pages Blogspot

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Paromantasy BlogAmazing, Haunting, Suspenseful

The ending will leave your head spinning and FALLEN will haunt you long after you finish it. FALLEN is one of the best books I have read this year and encourage everyone to read it!
Evie on Paromantasy Blog

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The Paperback PursuerFast-paced, twisty, unique

FALLEN definitely had my attention from page one. It is…so well written you feel like the mists exist; (and you will probably avoid fog after reading). …One minute your heart is racing, and the next minute you can't help but smile.
Allizabeth on The Paperback Pursuer

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Crystal Book ReviewsUnique, well-written

The reader is forced to consider previously stable definitions of time, psychic powers, science, and most importantly, love. Powers exist…but is the power of memory too strong…?
Viviane on Crystal Book Reviews

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Drey's LibraryMoving

Yikes!!  This is so not a world I want to live in--a mysterious mist that kills, rogue bands of survivors who round up women and children for far more nefarious purposes than you could imagine, dwindling food supplies.
Drey on Drey’s Library

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Bella OnlineVivid world

In the backdrop of a ruined society, the characters shine through, trying to make the most of their new world and find their place in it.....
Laura on Bella Online

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Game VortexThrilling

I thoroughly enjoyed Fallen’s story and …can’t wait to dive into the sequel, Cold Light…. Highly recommended.
Psibabe, aka Ashley on Game Vortex

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Taking Time for MommyLOVED this one

Excellent book, I mean Unbelievable! So I tracked down the author because I was dying to know when the next one came out….

Taking Time for Mommy

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Gothic Mom’s Book Reviews

5 Stars

Fallen is an intense and wondrous ride that you won't want to end.  Thank goodness book two, Cold Light is already out!  Please Traci, write book three quickly!!

Annette on Gothic Mom’s Book Reviews

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The Reading Cafe

Remarkable and well-written

Throughout the story we are taken on an adventure in Survival 101...
Sandy on The Reading Cafe

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Seacoast Online


An adult post-apocalyptic romance…Fallen doesn’t fall short of having it all.
Rebecca Skane on Seacoast Online

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To Read Perchance to Dream


Fallen is well written with twists that keep you reading.  Traci L. Slatton does a good job describing the scenes, you feel like you're there with them.  The characters were well-rounded, having good and bad sides, which helped make them feel real.
Maria on To Read Perchance to Dream

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Nights and Weekends

Knee-gripping suspense

FALLEN is another captivating story about the end of civilization as we know it....Knee-gripping suspense and a host of great characters bring the post-apocalyptic world to horrifying life in FALLEN. ...I eagerly anticipate the next installment….

Margaret Marr on Nights and Weekends

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Lunar Haven Reviews

Favorite Post Apocalyptic Book

Fallen is by far one of the best reads that I have had the chance to dive into this year. I recommend this book for those who love post-apocalyptic adventure and romance. I can not wait to continue the series…
Layna on Lunar Haven Reviews

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Author Exposure


Slatton is a fantastic storyteller.... FALLEN awakens emotion and captivates with the turn of each page.... From every angle, Fallen is a captivating adventure with just enough romance to keep you enthralled and begging for more…
Jennifer Shaw on Author Exposure

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L.V. Lewis

I’ve fallen for FALLEN

Full of action, adventure and a very intelligent read, I absolutely loved this story….I wasn’t ready to let go of this world Traci L. Slatton had created so beautifully.
L.V. Lewis

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My Book Addiction Reviews

Heat rating: Hot

Love this book, love these characters, love the plot, the action, the conflict, love… well just about everything about this story. The dynamics between Arthur and Emma are fantastic.
Daysie on My Book Addiction Reviews

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The Lost Entwife


What I loved about this book was… the tension created by the relationship of Emma and Arthur… I cried deep, gutwrenching sobs at certain scenes, I found myself gasping for air at a well placed, light-hearted scene,…and overall.. I was gripped and on the edge of my seat dying (although not literally) to know what happens next.
Lydia on The Lost Entwife

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The Book Whisperer


What can I say, but WOW! This is not just a story, but an adventure. It is a dark and dismal journey that will not leave readers unscathed. Following this post apocalyptic story is far from just entertainment; it is absorption.
Jackie on The Book Whisperer

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Genre Go Round Reviews


Fallen is an exhilarating post apocalyptic thriller that contains superb twists and spins, which keep the audience wondering what next. The fast-paced story line grips the reader early on with the vivid description of a world gone mad and never slows down as Emma has a bullet with Mandy’s name on it just in case. Traci L. Slatton provides an exciting end of the world thriller.
Genre Go Round Reviews

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Random Writings

Grabs you from the beginning

This book grabs you from the very beginning and only reluctantly lets you go at the end….I really want to encourage everyone to buy their own copy and read for themselves. I read this book slowly, which is very unusual for me, because it's so rich in detail that I didn't want to miss a thing, but at the same time it never stops moving, it's packed full of action.

CR Ward on Random Writings

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Not Yet Read

Book Hangover

“Fallen” by Traci L. Slatton left me with a book hangover. There’s no other way to describe it. Ok, maybe there is. Have you seen the movie Silver Linings Playbook? There’s a scene when Pat is reading a book that doesn’t end well, and he throws it across the room at the wall (or was it out the window? I can’t recall). Anyways, I wanted to pull a Pat, because when I got to the ending I was crushed. I’m not saying it was a bad ending. It was just heart wrenching and left at such a cliff hanger, that I had a hard time handling it. Two days later and the hangover still remains. I just need to get the second book already so I can find out what happens. I digress.
Not Yet Read

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Bookie Nookie Reviews

5 Stars

FALLEN is a post-apocalyptic, paranormal novel that far exceeded my expectations…This book totally knocked my socks off! I REALLY need to start COLD LIGHT immediately. I am so engrossed in these characters lives and in this world that I need to find out what happens next.
This dark and gritty world made feel scared, hopeless and full of fight all at the same time. The emotions evoked were strong and made me really wonder what would happen if I had survived an apocalypse with my children. These people have survived, changed, and some even held onto some hope for a future. The story and characters were extremely well-developed and even though I had made a correct guess concerning the source of the mists fairly early on, there were tons of twists and turns to keep me on my toes. I especially loved the tons of secondary characters who make up their camp.
I honestly cannot find anything wrong with FALLEN. If you are a fan of paranormal, science fiction, post-apocalyptic or dystopian genres, I am so excited to recommend the AFTER TRILOGY. Now excuse me while I start COLD LIGHT now.
BookieNookie Reviews

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Romancing the Book

Gripped me

 Fallen by Traci L. Slatton is a book unlike any other that you have read.  It will keep you at the edge of your seat and unable to pry your hands and eyes away!…
I really enjoyed Fallen.  It was a story that gripped me and held tight as I read.  There are several characters within the story, the main two being Emma and Arthur – both of which I liked and felt at least a slight connection to, allowing me to care for them.  The idea that mists coming from the Earth itself and creating such destruction, devastation and mind-numbing deaths was intriguing and interesting to me. …
Fallen had me on an emotional roller coaster at times – warming my heart, bringing tears to my eyes, heart thundering in suspense and unease as well as the yearning of heat and passion simmering over me.  Traci L. Slatton has an excellent story telling ability that allows the reader to fall right in to the story with the characters – bringing the characters to life and the surroundings to vivid reality within the reader’s mind.  
Romancing the Book

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Underground Book Reviews

You tumble into heart first….

FALLEN is the kind of novel you tumble into heart first, immediately lost in a thicket of emotion where hope-filled light shines through intertwining thorny points of fear and devastation. The author creates a cadence where revelation is ripe and ready, as if she knows exactly how much we need to see and understand in order to recognize Emma’s struggles as our own.
Go ahead, allow yourself to fall into FALLEN. While the ending is one of those “things that make you go hmm,” you can exhale in knowing there are three more books in the After series. Phew.
Yvonne at Underground Book Reviews

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I’d so rather be reading

Unique book

I loved that it's part dystopia, part romance (without being too heavy on the bedroom scenes)…I have to say that I suspected the truth about Arthur long before it was revealed and it broke my heart right along with Emma's.  I was so caught up in the romance, and the ending just left me dying to jump into book two, Cold Light.        
Kelli on I’d So Rather Be Reading

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No Market Collective

Completely Captivating

FALLEN is a book that I fell in love with almost immediately…Fallen is a book that fans of post-apocalyptic settings will enjoy. The reason why the world is “ending” is quite unique. You won’t find another book based on that concept. Readers will also be captivated with the characters. They each seemed so real! I highly recommend this book.
Jen at NoMarket Collective

Fallen, Cold Light, and Far ShoreThe first three books of the After Series

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