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Mystery of Birth

Mystery of Birth       I had the misfortune to be the impecunious shiksa married into a well-to-do Jewish family. My sincere conversion to Judaism, a religion I love, slightly blunted their dyspeptic view of me but didn’t resolve it. Not that my former in-laws were aware of their bias or their inability to […]

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My friend’s grandson passed

Today was the memorial service for a dear friend’s infant grandson. There were photographs placed around the room in the funeral home. It was a room for congregating, with neat rows of chairs for the visitors and tissue boxes placed at strategic intervals. Mourning is excruciating anyway, but yoked to a child’s death, it is […]

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Returning to Source and Writing Again

Write again, they are telling me. You must write, Traci.  It’s the new theme: writing again. The past twelve months have been excruciating. I am struggling. It’s been a year of comings and goings from my life; intermittency like a suddenly thrown grenade blew up my peace of mind. It has been a year of […]

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The resonance around a friend’s passing. Today was my little one’s birthday, and she was home sick with a bad cold. “I really hate being sick, mom! I don’t want to be sick!” she cried, in her sweet, fierce way. I tried to console her. I offered to play cards with her or even to […]

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With respect for Budd Hopkins, June 15, 1931 – August 21, 2011

I met Budd Hopkins only a handful of times. We had a mutual friend who knew of my interest in UFOlogy and who grudgingly–and with noted mockery of me–made the introduction. My friend quoted a line he’d heard at a dinner party where Budd had spoken about UFO’s, and one of the other guests had […]

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Hereafter: Compelling, heartwarming

At some point, during the birth of my last child, I passed. My now 5 year old munchkin’s head was too big for my pelvis, something my doctor and I only reluctantly concluded after a long span of fruitless pushing. I’d delivered two babies properly, after all. We were confident I’d be able to do […]

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The Passing of Friends

The Passing of Friends Yesterday I received news that the best friend of my former mother-in-law died in a car crash. She was driving with her son and daughter-in-law and with her significant other, a good man with whom she had recently bought an apartment. Only the daughter-in-law survived the head-on collision. This woman was bright, […]

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Dying & Transference

Dying & Transference A man I both like and respect told me recently that his relative passed away. Someone he cared about, someone beloved in his extended family. The kind of infectiously good-humored guy that everyone would miss at the next wedding. The kind of guy who was funny and perceptive, and made it a […]

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