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Paranormal Romance Guild: Scamming Authors Who Pay in Good Faith

Paranormal Romance Guild Scamming Authors Note to authors who’ve paid for membership in the Paranormal Romance Guild: check to see if your reviews of the last few years are live on the site. If not, email the PRG. Be aware that the board members of the PRG will launch a vicious personal attack against you […]

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BookGorilla and Kindle Nation Daily: Excellent Promotion

BookGorilla brings free or deeply discounted books to readers via an online subscription service. As an independent author and the publisher of a small press, I am always, eternally, and forever looking for ways to market and promote my books. It’s an essential part of the job. I do marketing and promotion tasks weekly. Should […]

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The Never Ending Journey of the Independent Artist, My Latest on the HuffPo

I am an independent artist, married to an independent artist, with friends who are, yes, independent artists. This piece on the Huffington Post reflects what I’ve learned. In part, the article says: What I experienced was that the big traditional publishing companies had gotten mired in the quicksand of conventional thinking and groupthink. They had […]

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BROKEN on SALE via BookGorilla promotions

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Traci L. Slatton’s BROKEN on sale for $0.99!! Get while it’s hot! Free Kindle Nation Shorts a free reader’s service from Kindle Nation Daily April 21, 2015 An excerpt from Traci L. Slatton’s BROKEN Paris, 1939-1942. A fallen angel who has taken the form of a beautiful woman is trapped in the web […]

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Foreword Reviews Spring Issue: Broken is “beautiful”

Foreword Reviews is the “library journal” of independent publishing. It’s a content-rich, beautifully put together magazine that’s published quarterly. The top of their Spring 2015 issue is emblazoned, “THE INDIE BOOKS WE LOVE” and this periodical means just that: they love indie titles. Foreword Reviews understands the value of independently published books and appreciates the […]

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The Business of Independent Publishing

Regarding the business of independent publishing: A few months ago, I received a polite email from Professor John Maxwell of Simon Fraser University. Some of his students had come to him. Between the covers of the text he had ordered for his graduate class on publishing, The Content Machine by Michael Bhaskar, was the novel […]

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First Parvati TV Video: Fundamentals of Independent Publishing I

Our first Parvati TV video! It’s part of the mission of Parvati Press to spread the word about independent publishing. Here’s our first video. Please try not to laugh at my flyaway hair. I will redo this video when I have a better coiffure…and some makeup on. I discuss how we are in the midst […]

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I am happy to announce a new eBook: How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book Yourself, Independently: A manual for the courageous and persistent.   This book came out of my experiences as an author and indie publisher, down in the trenches of book-writing, book-making, and book-promoting with my shirtsleeves rolled up.    It’s […]

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Publishing Today This is a fascinating and adventurous time to be an author. We are in the midst of the biggest shift in publishing since the invention of the Gutenberg Press. It’s the wild west of publishing right now, which is way cool for fast-writing, pathologically persistent, independent-minded, iconoclastic authors like me. The old “rules” […]

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Amazon Link, and The First Blog Tour Review, for THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE

It’s been hard to find, so here it is: The Love of My (Other) Life on Amazon. I’m an indie press published author who publishes through both LightningSource and Createspace–and Amazon doesn’t play nice with LSI. Though rumor has it that LSI will be printing some of Amazon’s books, which will only be a good thing. […]

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TWO new novels: Fallen and The Botticelli Affair

TWO new novels: Fallen and The Botticelli Affair Later this month, both will be available…. Catch me on Montgomery Taylor’s radio show “Living Consciously” on Monday, July 11 at 12:00 pm EDT talking about them….

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