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Scrivener: A Fabulous Writing Program

A glowing review of writing software Scrivener, sold by Literature & Latte. What took me so long? Lo, the years I have wasted, toiling in Microsoft Word… I’ve been drinking the Microsoft Word Kool Aid. A gazillion years ago, when my pet Brontosaurus would give me a ride across Central Park to the East Side, […]

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Bluehost rocks hosting

As an author, I want information about my books to be freely available on the internet. I’ve also seen firsthand how internet presence, especially in the form of reviews, can drive book sales. I started with a sweet little site through the Author’s guild. Worked good. Then I wanted something snazzier. So I learned iWeb […]

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Google Etiquette

Google Etiquette Of late I listen to an audiobook: Paramahansa Yogananda on the Bhagavad Gita, as explained by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda. The Gita is one of the great scriptures of enlightenment, a conversation between Krishna the God of Love and Arjuna the universal devotee, right at the moment when Arjuna beholds a civil war […]

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Life and Hope Haiti

My friend composer Jan Carter, who wrote the musical score for the documentary HAITI’S SMALL MIRACLES (Little Voice Productions), called me today. She’s been involved with relief efforts for Haiti for years, and tomorrow she’s heading there on a cargo plane with a load of medical supplies donated by various organizations. “How do I help?” […]

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