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The Doctor As Entrepreneur

The Doctor As Entrepreneur Medical technology is changing every day, advancing at an unprecedented rate. Inventions like contact lens that measure blood sugar, and other wearable technologies, are in the works. Within a decade, it’s likely that people will be able to assemble health information easily, without the need for finger pricks or trips to […]

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Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty by Diane Keaton, A Review

Book by Diane Keaton, A Review Today I slathered on several layers of Elta MD sunblock and even still, when I traipsed off to the beach, I wore a big brimmed hat. By the time I arrived at the long golden stretch of Cape Cod sand, I had wrapped my daughter’s long cotton bathing suit […]

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LESSONS IN BECOMING MYSELF by Ellen Burstyn             This summer I will enjoy a birthday milestone: I am turning 50. It’s a big, rich age, but also, for a woman, one with certain questions attached. Our culture tends to marginalize older women, so how do I squeeze all the juice from […]

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My New HuffPo article: review of SKIN RULES by Debra Jaliman M.D.

Check out my new review of the essential skin care book SKIN RULES Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist by Debra Jaliman M.D. Here’s the link. This book is beautifully, concisely written and full of practical advice. Get the book–you’ll be glad you did! *** Review of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a […]

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On Paul’s 80th Birthday

Paul’s 80th Birthday We went to the Cape for my friend Paul’s 80th celebration. This afforded the opportunity to play on Thumpertown Beach before attending his party. It was wonderful to see him looking so happy, and to reconnect with some of his lovely friends whom I have met along the way. Eighty is a […]

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The Prom

Last night my step-daughter and oldest daughter went to their prom. There were the usual concerns in the breathless anticipatory hours: dress, shoes, hair, make-up. The day before, my daughter decided her original dress revealed too much, and texted me to ask if she could exchange it. Text is the medium of communication of choice […]

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Mom Jeans

I have four children. Three daughters and a step daughter. My step-daughter and older two daughters are teens, my little one is 3. They are all feisty, opinionated creatures, beautiful and intelligent and bursting with life and mischief. And they are all out to get me. Mostly it’s subtle, though my oldest daughter did warn […]

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