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Power is pornographic.
A fallen angel in Paris, 1939-1942.
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The Year of Loving

What sustains you when all else falls away?
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The Art of Life

Figurative sculpture through the ages.
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When the world ends, all that’s left is love. The
award-winning start to the After series.
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Cold Light

In the end, love demands everything.
Book 2 of the After Series.
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Far Shore

Love is salvation.
Book 3 of the After series.
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Blood Sky

Would You Gamble Everything
to Save Everyone You Love?
Book 4 of the After series.
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Fallen, Cold Light, Far Shore

Fallen, Cold Light, & Far Shore
The First Three Books of the After Series
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The Love of My (Other) Life

What worlds would you move to be with your soulmate?
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The Botticelli Affair

Luscious art forger Laila Bainbridge has a little vampire problem.
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El Amor de mi (otra) vita

¿Qué universos darías vuelta para encontrarte con tu alma gemela?
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El Inmortal

Un muchacho que se pierde en las calles de la Florencia del siglo XIV…
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En un momento de desesperación apocalíptica, el amor se pone a prueba.
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Dancing in the Tabernacle

Lyric poetry that explores the soul.
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How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book, Yourself Independently

Be bold! Here’s how.
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Piercing Time & Space

The meeting ground of science and spirit.
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In the streets of Renaissance Florence, an orphan boy is lost…

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