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Marriage and Family are Real: Marriage and Family are Love

Marriage and Family are Real: Marriage and Family are Love (reprise of a Facebook Post I wrote)   This is our family. We’ve gone to see the Tree at the Met for nearly 2 decades. It’s love. Family is love, and it is everything. Family is real. Family radiates from a marriage. Marriage is love, […]

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The Rashoman Effect of History

The Rashoman Effect of History For the last year and a half, I have been studying WW2. I’m working on a novel set during that period. Actually, I’m working on two novels set during the period, both in the European theater. But I started with one story and I wanted to get the details accurate. […]

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I support Wikileaks

Noam Chomsky, re the suppression of information in the US regarding polls of Arab opinion: “What that reveals is the profound hatred for democracy on the part of our political leadership.” (Nov 30, 2010, on DEMOCRACY NOW, interviewed by Amy Goodman). I wish Assange had withheld certain names. I wish he’d vetted the cables to […]

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Why Revision is Important

I am sparring with my middle daughter’s high school principal and her history teacher. I want her to have the opportunity to revise an “F” research paper on the Industrial Revolution so she learns how to write a good history paper. They are refusing. I don’t even care about the grade. I certainly don’t care […]

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Social Questions

Last night at a pre-Sundance party in NYC I had the great good fortune of meeting the talented and impressive Anthony Whyte, whose work is being made into a movie. He was there with his business partner Jason Claiborne, who runs Augustus publishing, “Where Hip Hop literature begins,” and fellow author Erick S. Gray. They […]

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I don’t understand

I don’t understand Let me start by saying that I am a woman, a Jew, and a New Yorker, so I don’t have a good opinion of radical fundamentalist Islamists. In my mind, the enslavement and mutilation of women that is institutionalized under radical, fundamentalist Islam is one of the greatest human rights crimes in […]

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