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My Letter to Portland Mayor Tom Wheeler

I emailed this letter to Portland Mayor Tom Wheeler Dear Mayor Wheeler, Like millions of Americans, I am shocked by the violence of Antifa in Portland, Oregon. In particular, I am horrified at the assault on journalist Andy Ngo. But the trouble in Portland has been going on for a while. My husband and I […]

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Supporting Sam Harris

I took a year of Arabic as an undergraduate at Yale. Along with the language, we also discussed the culture of the Arab world. This was the mid-80’s, so liberal sanctimony didn’t have quite the stranglehold on conversation that it now exerts–even at Yale. We were allowed to discuss things like the terrible oppression and […]

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On Dealing with Mental Illness

My husband Sabin met Robin Williams in the lobby of our building. Sabin came away with respect for the comic. “He’s down-to-earth, a nice guy,” Sabin approved. These are rare words of praise from my laconic husband, who seldom dispenses compliments and who is impressed only by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Robin William’s […]

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My latest HuffPo piece: How to Handle Email Harassment

I went through an ordeal, and I wanted to help other people who experience something similar. So I wrote this piece. It’s received a wonderful response, with many people contacting me to thank me or to comment on the usefulness of the information. Jayne Hitchcock herself, founder of, commented. How cool is that? How […]

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Respectful Apologies to my Blog Readers

In the wake of recent cyber-harassment and the unlawful impersonation of me by an unauthorized person–who also impersonated an officer of the court to me–I have banned large swathes of IP addresses from my websites. If you find yourself blocked from access to my websites, and you are an individual with only benign intentions, then […]

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Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability | Video on Over the last several years, I have been given a wonderful opportunity: I’ve been repeatedly attacked by someone in my life, through litigation, character assassination, poison emails, contemptuous letters, and screaming episodes that occur both in public and on the phone. It has been unpleasant. […]

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Big Brother is Watching

A courageous news team in Houston reported on the Houston Police Department’s testing of an unmanned drone with a high-def, long-range camera that can see inside people’s homes. Check out the video report here. Mostly I regard the Fourth Estate with skepticism. News media have long since sold out to the government to garner exclusives […]

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Facebook, Foibles, Mistakes, and Teachability

Facebook, Foibles, Mistakes, and Teachability I once drew, upon the wall of a bathroom stall in a college library, a picture of a man performing an obscene act upon a donkey. The man in question shared a mutual animosity with me. He seemed to enjoy torturing me, and he was better at that game than […]

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Coherence theory, and networking

Moral relativism is a failed social experiment. So is moral fundamentalism. I blame modern psychotherapy–partly–for the degradation of a culture that can not tolerate accountability and discernment. It’s why so many TV shows and movies are about serial killers: we can not conceive of a bad guy anymore. The only “bad guy” we can all […]

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