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Arrival, A Beautiful Movie

Arrival, a beautiful movie The movie opens with a reverie about time and memory, set in a scene of love, the love a mother feels for her child, and loss. The images fade. Louise, a professor of languages, goes to her university to teach. The students are mesmerized by news on their laptops: twelve shell-shaped […]

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24 I am’s, with a tip of the hat to Lori

My friend Lori, who is gorgeous and brilliant and inspiring and open-hearted in a way that glows and draws people to her rather inescapably, keeps a heart-felt blog. I love her writing because it’s poignant and soulful and expressive. It flows through the reader. It moves the reader to openness. I adore Lori because she […]

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I love conspiracy theorists. They tell the best stories. Think about it. Here are my rules for writing novels: 1. Story is how your protagonist does NOT get what he or she wants. 2. Every story is an argument for a specific value. 3. Know the stakes. Actually, I have a few other rules, too, […]

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3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN My friend Gerda is not only a gifted healer and psychic, she is also a friend who understands. We have had this discussion many times, to whit: What are we doing on Earth? We don’t belong here. This place is crazy. I maintain it is because of Chocolate. I was […]

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In my next lifetime

In my next lifetime, when I come back, I will ski more and worry less. I will begin every dinner with dessert, and it will be dark chocolate, or something gooey and coconut. I will choose dresses for color and not for whether or not they make me look slim. I am thinking yellow, purple, […]

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